N Scale

Welcome to modern era North American railroading. Watch a 113 car coal unit train (Yes, we really do run 113 car trains and even longer trains!) wind its way through the hills and valleys of our version of the Appalachian mountains. You’ll see every make and model of locomotive and every rail line, both fallen flag and modern era. Rarely, but once in a while, you might see s bullet train. Anything goes.

The N scale layout is a never ending project. Large parts are finished and many sections are under construction or still need work. But nothing stays the same on this layout for long. You see something new every visit. The layout is also almost never ending. Recent estimates have 72 scale miles of track on this layout. It can take over an hour to run from one end to the other, at scale speed. From fully finished switching areas off the double main line, to picturesque winding mainline, to a branchline coal operations; all these, and more are on our DCC N scale layout.scarb3

Scale 1:160 (N Scale)
Era “Modern” – some nights we are in the 1960’s; on other nights, the 1990s
Construction L-girder
Scenary Plaster of Paris, Hyrdocal, Styrofoam
Mainline Peco Code 80 – switches & track
Branchline Peco Code 55 – switches & track
Control DCC – with radio control & corded remotes
8 blocks – mainline
Multiple blocks – branchline
Misc. yards under separate control
Track mileage 79 scale miles of track
> 11 scale miles of staging tracks
> 33 scale miles of mainline (and served industries)
> 43 scale miles of branchline (and served industries)
> 240 + turnouts
Max train length – current record 165 cars, pulled by 9 locomotives, 1.5 scale mile in length, May 21, 2016.

The layout has been captured as an XTrakCad design. Click here to view the layout.

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